People usually complain that their lust for sleep changes due to change in weather but they can’t change their sleeping patterns due to that. Like people feel sleepier in the winter season and less sleepy in the summer season. If we talk about fall or autumn people finds themselves having enough sleep, not more not less, but at the time of the rainy season, they feel sleepy like winters. So we are here today to understand why weather change is affecting our sleep and how we should ignore this thing. Yes, you can avoid the changes in your sleepiness with some hacks so to know read till the end of the article.

Why weather changes affect sleep?

 When the weather changes our body reacts differently according to the weather outside. Basically, in the winters, the days are shorts and nights are long due to which we always feel sleepy and also in the morning waking up is more difficult due to the darkness outside. And we feel like we are not able to start our day in the darkness and we fall asleep. And in the summers the days are long and nights are short. Sun came so early in the morning and we enjoy starting our day in the early morning. But there is an issue in the summers is night’s people usually find problems of late night sleeping. This reduces the quality of their sleep.

How to get over from these seasonal sleeping changes?

Sleeping changes can be avoided by fixing the sleeping time. You must fix the time for the wake up as well as for sleeping as well. In winters try to avoid to see outside the window and follow your schedule. This will help you to keep your sleep good in quantity as well as quality. If we talk about the summers then also keep following your schedule, try to make your room dark so that your sleep will not get disturbed. Another thing which is important is the mattress and the adjustable bed frame. You can buy them from the mattress sales and do more research on memory foam mattresses to grab a good deal.