Mattresses play an important role in your life. Almost everyone owns a mattress. Mattresses are bought for replacing the old one or to re-design the room. Mostly mattresses last for a long period of time like seven to eight years. They are also an investment. Many factors contribute to the durability of the mattress i.e. lifestyle, habits and maintenance of the mattress. Of mattresses are not properly maintained then they can wear very early.

If you are spending your money on mattress, then you expect them at least last for five years. Here are some tips how to improve the durability of your mattress. First is proper maintenance. Mattresses won’t last long if they not properly maintained. You need to maintain according to the instructions given on the mattress box. The instructions should be strictly followed as they are related to the material of the mattress. Next, is cleaning if your mattress. This includes vacuum cleaning. Note down that you should take a professional assistance while cleaning your mattress. If you are cleaning your mattress at home, it won’t be that efficient.

If you clean your mattress with water and soap, this can permanently damage your mattress. Vacuum cleaning helps to clean the dust practice present on the mattress lining. These dust mites are very harmful for the asthmatic people or allergic people. It’s suggested to use a little baking soda before doing the vacuum. Some professionals clean mattress through steaming. There are some protectors available in the market that protects you from water spills or any other spill. These are water resistant. It’s better to use these protectors if you have kids at home. Avoid eating on the mattress; the spices that are spilled can permanently damage your mattress. You can flip the mattresses after every second week also.